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Stealth: Bringing Precision & Clarity to Guitar Playing

Stealth: Bringing Precision & Clarity to Guitar Playing - AttakPik

As guitarists, the constant quest for precision and clarity in the sounds we produce can sometimes seem like an uphill battle. We spend hours perfecting the art of playing our instruments, bending strings and pushing picks to the limit (and inevitably breaking one or two along the way). When the plectrum doesn’t feel right in our hands, we look for other options — all for the chance to bring the music in our minds to life. 

But what if there was a better way? What if there was an electric guitar pick that was ergonomically designed to assist guitarists in producing the sounds they crave? That’s where the Stealth guitar pick by Acoustik Attak comes in. 

Stealth stands out as arguably one of the best guitar pick for electric guitarists for its unique features and superior design quality. In this post, we dive into what makes this pick so exceptional, highlighting genuine reviews from real guitar players with first-hand experience. We’ll cover: 

What is Stealth? 

The Stealth 2.0 — featuring the Attak Pik Proprietary Strengthening Blend — is the latest iteration of the Stealth guitar pick. Building upon the success of the original, this pick offers the same precision, clarity, and feel while boasting an even longer tip life. Whether you’re sweeping at high beats per minute or playing in the pocket, the Stealth glides flawlessly across the strings, allowing for effortless playing. 

One of the key features of the Stealth pick is its curved and beveled tip. This ergonomic design enables guitarists to glide easily across the strings, resulting in smooth and precise note articulation. By cleaning up and tightening the lows and low mids, the Stealth pick delivers exceptional clarity to each note, enhancing the overall tonal quality of your playing. 

The Stealth pick’s concave center areas feature an embedded twelve node matrix surface, providing maximum finger grip. This ensures that the pick remains securely in your hand, even during intense playing sessions. Additionally, the ergonomic design of the pick perfectly cradles the thumb, offering consistent dynamic control and effortless harmonics. 

When it comes to strumming, the Apex design at the top of the pick features a broader shoulder and point, making it perfect for strumming chords with greater ease. Although the Stealth pick is on the heavy side at 2 mm thick, it offers a unique gliding effect that reduces pick chirp and string noise, minimizing resistance and maximizing fluidity. The bevel along the Y axis gives the player all the benefits of an angled picking attack while approaching the strings at a parallel.

Stealth vs. Other Electric Guitar Picks

When comparing the Stealth pick to other electric guitar picks, it becomes clear that this pick offers a unique combination of features unlike any other. Designed as a response to popular picks like Dunlop’s Jazz III and Ernie Ball’s Prodigy line, the concave center of the Stealth pick is most reminiscent of the Dunlop Big Stubby design. However, as aforementioned, the twelve-node matrix is an innovative feature that enhances grip and control, allowing for more precise playing. 

The bevel of the Sealth pick is more aggressive than most picks on the market and ends in a sharp tip, similar to Dunlop’s Tortex Sharp pick. What’s interesting is that despite being nearly twice as thick as a Jazz III pick, the Stealth pick produces a noticeably brighter timbre. This departure from the expected tonal characteristics of pick thickness sets the Stealth pick apart from its competitors. 

What Guitar Players Love Most About Stealth

The love for Stealth among guitar players is evident with many touting the pick for its unique shape and size. According to Alex C., he found the pick to be a perfect fit after a brief adjustment period, praising its flexibility and the firm tip that fosters a crisp attack. Dwane D. — another satisfied Stealth customer — found the pick to be the ideal size, delivering a clearer, more defined sound than conventional picks. 

For metal players, Stealth has become the pick of choice. One technical death metal and black metal player, Haris M., loves the maximum attack and minimal drag that Stealth 2.0 is able to provide. Even skeptics like Philip H. have transformed into loyalists due to the unique shape and beveled edge that allows for effortless sweeping across the strings. 

Chris T., another seasoned player, was blown away by the difference Stealth made to his playing, saying, “I absolutely can play faster with a sharper attack. Seriously, I wish I had these in the 80s and 90s.” 

Start Shredding with Stealth Today! 

If you’re ready to take your guitar playing to the next level, it’s time to try the Stealth guitar pick by Acoustik Attak. With its precision, clarity, and ergonomic design, it’s the perfect companion for any electric guitar player seeking optimal control and performance. Explore our selection of Stealth guitar picks online to elevate your playing and experience the difference the Stealth pick can make in your guitar journey!

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