William Fox
Southern backwoods guitarist from the bluegrass state. Solo artist, actor, comedian, Instagramer and YouTuber.
Paul Bielatowicz
Paul Bielatowicz has recorded, played and toured with some of the biggest names in progressive rock, including Carl Palmer (ELP),...
Ricky Armellino
Ricky Armellino is a music producer, songwriter, guitarist, and singer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania with a collective 56 national tours under his...
Julian Oyanedel Santiesteban
Julo is an LA-based musician, filmmaker, actor, and absolute guitar maniac! As the lead singer of the Alt-Metal act RendeR,...
Thomas Polychuck
  Guitarist of Dopethrone, Vatican, and prog rock project Polychuck, is a straight edge vegan out of Montreal, Canada.
Keith Dover
Keith Dover is a singer/songwriter and solo performer currently playing venues in and around Nashville. With 26 years experience playing...
Justus Hajas
Justus Hajas is here to start a fire, Guitar in hand, Passion in mind. The 19-year-old artist from Brantford ON is...
Renzo Dasso
Renzo Dasso is a Chilean-Italian recording artist and guitar tone junkie, with 30+ years of experience playing guitar for pop,...
Lachlan Pope
  A 21 year old shredder and lover of offset guitars out of Vancouver, Canada.
Chris Kalafus
  Chris Kalafus is a guitarist, bassist and teacher out of Stratford, Connecticut whose playing has become more focused on...
Andrew Caico
  Drew C is a musician and producer from NY. Starting as a self-taught guitarist, he has Bachelor’s degrees Music...
Pennyhill's Regret
  A solo artist based out of London, UK is addicted to horror movies and cooking shows.
Jacob Rozmajzl
  A 25 year old guitarist based out of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania and mathrock addict
Brian Goss
  Guitarist Brian Goss is a New York City native who’s split time between the Big Apple and upstate New...
Adam Russell
    Guitarist of Hexalter & Forced Feed, is an avid concert goer and videographer
Hector Rivera Santoyo
  Hector Rivera Santoyo is a guitarist, arranger and producer with over 20 years of experience in the music business....
Jorge Salas
  Jorge Salas is an American-born living on the Texas / Mexico border. Growing up, Jorge was exposed to the...
Kevin Mahoney
  A solo artist based out of Knoxville, Tennessee with a passion for grilling.
Joao Brandi
  Guitarist and lead singer of VOOLTOO, now records under Joao Brandi out of Sacramento California and has not owned...
Sean Obrien
  A multi-instrumentalist based out of Montreal, Canada and a self described superfan of all things Evil Dead and Batman