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Exceeded my expectations.

I really put these picks through their paces over the weekend. I tried them on both electric and acoustic guitars. I typically use red or orange Tortex 3 picks so this is definitely a thicker pick. There was a bit of a physical learning curve as I tried them out with logo up logo down, shark tip (my name) and the standard tip. It felt very comfortable I could get a great grip and maintain it. These are thick but I found I they were very smooth across the stings. As expected the shark tip has more bite but it is a deceptively subtle tone variance. The notes felt more alive I guess, it is sort of like picking the same note several times with each pick movement but it only sounds the note that you want like 'eeeeeE' like some crazy micro flamenco attack. But with a quick spin in my grip and I had access to the standard tones like a toggle switch for my pick; pretty rad. These worked so well on my acoustic as well, switching from strumming to single notes in a smooth transition and I could use the shark tip to really get my scales to really cut through especially when switching between the two tips. I put about 7 hours on these and feel I have just started to tap into all the creativity these picks will unlock. These are truly something new for my tone arsenal. I just want to stay home from work and play guitar all day, well more than usual.

alan l.
Great piks

After a while you don’t realise you’re using a pic. Will be ordering more soon 👍🙏🎵😎🤙

dennis f.

not a musician, but have many friends that are, these are the perfect gift for them, allow them to read the description of each pick and choose a few that they would like to try, if they like it or want to try other types they have the information to buy more, a simple gift that lets them know how much appreciation them

The research is over ladies and gents

Arsenal lead in the mailbox is the best way to start a rainy weekend.

My picks of choice were the Dunlop Jazz III and the Dunlop Ultex Jazz;
The former was preferred for the fast handling and speedy notes, the latter for the punchier sound.
I am happy to find that Stealth black / white / radium is the best of both worlds: big sound, easy handling for those fast metal riffs and doesn't slip off your hands!
It felt like an extension of my thumb right off the bat;
Taming riffs like "the number of the beast" or "master of puppets" came out smooth and felt so easy and fat; Also the hateful double note on string change is a thing of the past, thanks to the beveled tip.

The Stealth XL is definitely heavier and felt a bit more hard to get my picking right but I'm sure folk with bigger hands will find it even better than its little brother.

Now for cleans: I feel like I need more time playing Blade and Blade X to get used to it, but when I strummed a clean G maj with the Blade II the day changed, it's just what I was looking for to get that acoustic vibes on my electric!
It's bright without being excessively "sparky", you have to try yourself to hear the difference it makes compared to the others from the bundle and all the rest of the picks in the world.

Last but not least, the Attak: I was skeptical about the "12 string sounding pick" and I was so so wrong: it really shape the sound into something else, it adds percussion and multiple notes! I can't use anything else now and I think I'll get more just to be safe.

The shipping to EU took a bit but the wait is completely worth it.
Perhaps a partnership with a EU dealer would help in reaching customers faster and make a purchase more accessible; The world of music need to try these picks!

I almost forgot: my pack missed the Stealth black because they were out of stock and they were so kind to ship some of them now for free! I am so happy, this is a perfect example of how you should treat your customers ♬ 🖤

I'll say it again: the research is over! Oh and it glows in the dark, how cool is that?

Steven H.
Pick these pluckers

These picks are great they allow you to pick faster and my playing as improved overnight i.e my alternate picking is even better now , i will be buying more and these are the picks for me now full stop

Donald H.
Comfortable and secure

I love how my finger and thumb settle into these picks and the pick doesn't go anywhere. The compact size is perfect for me too.

Ryan Y.
Stealth pic is amazing !

With over 30 years of experience teaching playing live and most of that time owning a recordings to you. Currently owner operator of Ryan's guitar repair inGulfport,Ms. But enough about me. I mentioned all of that because with 30 plus years of experience I've tried every pic shape thickness material gimmick known to man that ever existed. Tried seems like almost every pick prototype at NAMM conventions as well. The stealth pic corrects a lot of things we may not realize. By holding it in the designs location it ensures enough of the pic comes in contact with the string but the v-shaped beveled whatever you want to call it tip which is just enough material almost pinpoints the spot you're supposed to pick in and engages the string right at that perfect spot. I used to use a Clayton 1.52 MM but that one along with every other pic I've used would take me 5 minutes or so to calibrate sequence my left and right hand for fast alternate shred picking. But with the stealth pick I pick it up within a matter of seconds I'm at warm up speed with no calibration. I'm very impressed with this pic The other ones in the variety pack that I got did not find to be very useful The stealth and the Juggernaut win the prize for I'm extremely impressed and will be purchasing more in the very near future. Big thanks to Attakpik for the pics they have created and for that short little commercial I just happen to catch on YouTube and for some strange reason clicked on the link to learn more which I never do. Cheers, Ryan Ybos

ron a.
Stealth XL is amazing

I have played the guitar for 50+ years and a pick has always been, well, a pick. The Stealth XL is a great example of pick technology. The shape and feel are really ergonomic and the strings being played respond harmonically. It moves across the strings smoothly and the point is precise. Also, I have begun to experience arthritis (I'm 72 now) and the grip allows me to play without having to squeeze the daylights out of it just to hang on. Great pick!

Shawn B.
The best

After having some time with these I can confidently say they are the best pick I’ve ever used and will retire all the other brand ones I have for these.

William R.
Skeptical at first, totally worth buying

Was rather skeptical at first cause I saw an ad on my google for you page but figured at 10$ why not buy a pack. Started to regret my purchase after a week had gone by and they hadn't shipped. They shipped shortly after, at that point I figured it would be some drop shipping trash from china, but when they showed up I was totally wrong. Super light and very grippy. Took about an hour to get used to it from my old picks I used. Totally worth the switch. The articulation you can get is amazing, string skipping is now a breeze and I barely even think about it, they seem to be very durable, comfortable to hold (once you get used to it, I never used picks with thumb indents before), and the tone they give off is great. Usually with the thicker picks like this you really have to pay attention to the amount of force you use, but these just glide right through the strings and I don't even have to worry about force. Great product, will certainly buy another pack and try out some other designs they sell.

Richard B.J.
Stealth Picks Are Amazing Can Evolve Your Playing

The Very First Pick I Ever Got Was A Stealth It Literally Changes The Smoothness And The Best Speed You Have Can Improve No Matter How Long You Been Playing After 24 years experience These Picks Changed My Thoughts Makes Everything I Can Do Better More Clarity Tone Harmonics And Speed With Less Power Of Your Strum Everything Becomes Perfect The Design Especially Will Surprise You It's Like You Are One With The Pick

Tate B.
Sooooo Amazing!!!

These picks were insane!!! I didn’t expect them to be super good but it blew my expectations away!! They helped me with speed picking and I got so much better with a light, fast pick

Ryan P.
Very good

Great set of picks. Was highly skeptical but these are awesome. Great grip and feel. Some of them definitely better for different styles than the others but I get a good crisp attack and great flex on each one. Very easy to find the sweet spot on each pick.

Gabe V.
Absolutely amazing picks

I got these cause I kept seeing ads for them and decided I’d give em a try since they’re the same price as picks from the store. Absolutely blew me away with the difference in sound and feel when playing. The Ambush is a great pick for clean tones I’ve found, and the Stealth XL and Juggernaut are awesome if you’re like me and have meatier fingers. The grip feels fantastic and it’s so easy to hold on to. Definitely gonna buy more in the future.

Sebastian S.

Zu Beginn: es gab Probleme bei der ersten Lieferung (Verlust), doch der Versender hat ohne Probleme Ersatz geschickt. Die Plektren sind alle hochwertig Verarbeiter und ich bin so begeistert, dass ich wohl nichts anderes mehr will. Der einzige Nachteil ist der lange Versand aus den USA. Aber das nehme ich für so ein tolles Produkt sehr gerne in Kauf.

Chase C.
Stealth Glow Iridium

I was looking for a jazz style pick in a glow variation and found these. These have become by far my favorite pick in the arsenal. They really handle beautifully with their texture and are easy to find in the dark. I began to think it was unreasonable that I could get a pick that was incredibly versatile, stiff, the right size to accommodate speed and technique and that would glow in the dark.
I highly recommend getting a pack even if you don't need the glow in the dark to entice you as an extra totem for creativity or utility.

Roland G.
First Steath

Fits perfectly on my thumb and forefinger it’s good for pick picking on electric guitar.

Tate B.
Great Picks!!!

They’re a nice change up from the traditional pick sound and are worth the price

Favorite pics radium too

The size is perfect. It does a great job of having a sharp point yet coming off and through the strings easily. I have ordered 3 or 4 times.

joseph p.
Very Satisfied

The juggernaut is great for playing bass guitar. It has a great tone and has a comfortable grip. I totally recommend Acoustic Atak picks.

Sebastian A.
Best ever!

The surge pick is the best pick I every played with! Hope it comes back and in different thickness! I just love it!!!

My new favorite pick

Most picks have a straight edge which tends to make a clicking sound when picking, this pick gives a more natural note without the noise!

Gary Q.
60 yes of gtr.Always go back to traditional .

Love to try new stuff. I like the pick especially the crisp point. Would like to see a more subtle grip pattern.

Mark W.

Great sound, great grip, easy to find when you put them down 🤣

Mark W.
Excellent selection

Wide range of gauges and sizes, really let’s a player find the ones that “speak” to them