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Weight: 25g 

Material: Nylon

Pick Color: Red

Gauge: 0.6mm - 2.3mm (see diagram below)

Customer Reviews

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David W.
Plectrums with......well, EDGE!

Great scratchy texture to playing with plectrum. Because you're hitting the same string multiple times a six string almost has a 12 string sound. Good contrast to plain plectrums. Have to hold tight though - you might get a surprise when the ridges catch on the string a suddenly fly across the room or off the front of the stage :-)

Benjamin D.
Easy to heard a difference

I have been using tortex orange picks on my acoustic for 20 or more years. I saw an add for the acoustic ATTAK instagram and was intrigued so I gave them a shot. What a cool tool to add to your playing! I tried it out and immediately grabbed a microphone and started recording the sound. There’s a fullness to strummed chords that is very cool. These will not be every day picks for me, but I really like having them to use when I want them.

Rany E.
Just WOW!!!

Finally, I’ve received the first shipment of the picks…😁😁😁😁

These are just WOW!!!

I love how the guitar sound became fuller especially when I play my Rickenbacker electric and Martin acoustic.

Thanks for everything and the great products.

Your sincerely,



Brings out 12-string harmonics on your 6-string acoustic guitar.

Additional benefits:

  • Harmonically enhances mid-range frequencies which is where clarity and punch live on guitars

  • Smooths out the individual string volumes on open chords with each note still clear

  • Allows the individual string frequencies to cut through reverb and delay effects

  • Adds a subtle percussive effect to your tone

  • Provides more mid and mid high definition to bass guitars without losing any low end


Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar

Weight: 0.5g 

Material: Nylon

Pick Color: Red

Gauge: 0.6mm - 2.3mm

“These are amazing. Makes my hollow body sound like a dreadnaught.” 

- Andreas Q.