Attak the Status Quo

Bad Ad Release

Last week, a contractor tasked with publishing ads for us released an ad that had content that we, as a group, found highly offensive.  They did this without submitting it to us for review.  When we discovered it, fortunately not that long after it was released, we immediately removed that language.  Further, at that point we decided to terminate that relationship.  Acoustik Attak is a diverse team of people who do not condone any sort of offensive speech.  Further, we categorically reject any philosophy that promotes hate or any sort of stereotyping.  That is not who we are at all.  Beyond terminating this contractor, we are taking steps to ensure that all messaging is thoroughly vetted prior to release.  In this case, the process we had in place did not work and so a more aggressive set of processes is necessary.  The most important part of this process will be that no creative control will be given to any third party at all going forward.  Further, we may well just opt to not allow access to publish ads to any third party going forward.

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