Guitar Picks

Express yourself with UV-printed custom guitar picks on our best-selling Attak Piks. Choose from a selection of preset designs and colors, or upload your own design for a fully unique customization!


Express yourself with custom printing on our best-selling Attak Piks. Choose from a selection of preset designs and colors, or upload your own design for a fully unique customization!

Create Your Own Custom-Printed Picks

Take to the stage with a custom-printed guitar pick that features your own unique design with our custom White Stealth picks. Our high-quality, UV-printed guitar picks are a sure way to grab the audience’s attention as you rock out in style with an unbeatable sound. Upload your band logo, artwork, or other personal design to create your custom guitar pick today! 

Note: Due to the custom nature of these guitar picks, orders will take additional time to process and be delivered in 2 – 4 weeks.

Shop Our Limited-Edition Art Picks

Be the first to get your hands on our limited-edition Attak Piks featuring original artwork from artist @Barflurgle. Available on both Stealth and Radium, these exclusive packs are a limited run and will change out over time with all-new artwork, so collect them while you can! Shop our selection below to pick up your 5-pack of limited edition art picks. 


Frequently asked questions

Why is there a set-up cost?

It takes time to upload your image and design into the system. This fee also accounts for the labor involved in operating the printer. Larger jobs take the same time as smaller jobs. 

Can I print on other picks?

Currently, the printer is only configured for one pick size (Radium and Stealth are the same size). Other Attak Pik models may become available for printing in the future, so stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter. 

What can I print on the picks?

You must own the rights to whatever image is printed on the picks. All designs are screened before printing and may be denied if deemed inappropriate or offensive. 

How long will the guitar picks last?

Both the limited edition art picks and custom-printed picks feature the Attak Pik Proprietary Strengthening Blend and promote significant tip-life, lasing up to several months with regular playing. Of course, like anything, it depends on the usage and playing style. Heavier picking will result in increased wear and tear. 

Will the guitar picks damage my strings?

Normal playing with our picks should not lead to string breakage. However, any pick that is stiff enough can potentially break your strings when played aggressively enough, including Attak Piks. It’s important to note that Attak Piks feature a raised structure on the tips, which are designed to give their desired sound effect without creating excessive drag that could lead to string breakage. Even more aggressive playing styles should not experience string breakage; however, non-standard playing styles can excessively pull on the strings, which may be problematic. 

What size are the guitar picks?

Stealth and Radium are the same size pick. They are 29 mm long, 23 mm wide, and 2 mm thick around the rim. The concave center is closer to 1 mm.