Turning accessories into essentials, our electric guitar picks are designed for precision, clarity, control, and sounds you never thought possible from just a pick.


Turning accessories into essentials, Attak piks are designed for precision, clarity, control, and sounds you never thought possible from just a pick.

Our Electric Guitar Picks

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Not sure which of our electric guitar picks to choose? Try them all with the Acoustik Attak Power Pack. This electric guitar pick starter pack has everything you need to produce clear, consistent notes with every pluck of the strings. Whether you play the blues, rock, jazz, or heavy metal, the Power Pack has an electric guitar pick that suits your playing style and feels great on a powered guitar.

Fueled by Innovation in Sound Engineering

Despite more than 1,200 patents and 100 years of evolution, the guitar pick industry has remained largely unchanged — until now. While others were content to keep strumming away with the same old tools of the trade, we seized the opportunity to disrupt the industry and shape a world where musicians can do more with less. 

Fueled by innovation and a deep love of music, we’re excited to share an all-new take on the most unassuming of guitar accessories. With our electric guitar picks, musicians can now create the sounds they’ve longed for without having to rely on special gadgets or machinery to do it for them. 

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Frequently asked questions

How long will the guitar picks last?

Our founders have regularly played with the same Attak and Ambush picks for the last 10 months, and the Blade pick for the last 5 months to test their durability. To date, they have not experienced any degradation in performance. A small amount of wear as you break in the pick is to be expected. 

Will the guitar picks damage my strings?

When played normally, our electric guitar picks should not cause any string breakage. However, any pick that’s stiff enough can break your strings if played too aggressively. The raised structures on the tips of Attak Piks in particular are designed to give the desired sound effect without creating excessive drag that could lead to string breakage. We intentionally designed our picks so that even more aggressive playing should not cause string breakage. That said, non-standard playing styles may experience breakage if the strings are pulled excessively.

What size are the guitar picks?

The picks range in size from the Stealth series at 23 mm x 29 mm to the Juggernaut series at 28 mm x 35 mm. Thicknesses range in the Stealth models from 2 mm – 3 mm in Juggernaut, with a 1 mm or pointed tip. The raised picks, such as Attak, Ambush, and Blade have a 2.0 mm tip structure, 1.0 mm grip, and 0.60 mm base. 

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