Introducing Devin Townsend's EarthTone by Acoustik Attak; a custom pick designed with, and for Devin Townsend. A collaboration of two unique brands, breaking the shackles of preconceived boundaries in their own spaces, but doing so under the same umbrella of revolutionizing musical expression.
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In July 2021, while working on his latest record, Lightwork, prominent Canadian musician, Devin Townsend, stumbled upon an Attak Pik during a studio session with producer and music engineer, Garth Richardson (GGGarth).  Intrigued by the innovative design and unique properties of the pick, Devin reached out directly to Acoustik Attak. 

For years Devin has been searching for a certain sound. The sound of a "serrated" pick without having to wear down a new one, and still having other surfaces for multiple sounds with one pick. A deceptively difficult task, and one that other pick manufacturers were not able to find solutions for. 

Acoustik Attak accepted the challenge and over the past two years have been working closely with Devin on a custom signature pick that solves this problem for him and delivers the specific sound he's been looking for. 

EarthTone is the first signature pick in this partnership that will see continued innovation in the years to come.

How did the DT x AA partnership begin?

Devin Townsend, while recording his latest studio album, found an Attak pick in Garth Richardson's studio. Devin reached out to the company to congratulate them on the innovative design. Conversations then continued between the founders, Mike and Mark, with Devin on creating a signature pick.

Who is Devin Townsend?

Devin Townsend is a Canadian composer, songwriter, mixer, and producer and he is best known for his work as a progressive metal musician, although he has explored various other genres throughout his career.

Does Devin use the pick?

Yes. Devin is currently touring North America with his whole team using the first rendition of the pick.

Will you be releasing more picks in the DT lineup?

The EarthTone pick is the first iteration of a signature pick created with Devin Townsend. Acoustik Attak always endeavor to improve designs based on use and feedback. This could lead to further signature models with Devin and potentially other artists.

Why is the pick named EarthTone?

Named by Devin himself, EarthTone, captures a long sought after sound for him. An earthy, dense sound that adds grit without being scratchy. Combined with the clean tips, it gives Devin a variety of sounds to play with in his fingertips. "EarthTone" is also the color of the pick chosen by Devin.

What are the pick specifications?

Material: Devin's Blend (Nylon Mix)

Dimensions: W-34mm, H-32mm, 1mm gauge (+0.2mm raised grip)

Where are the picks available?

The picks are available now at