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This lineup of picks is suitable for multi-instrumentalists. Attak for rhythm guitar, Blade for lead lines, and Ambush for the bass guitar. However, these picks are not exclusive to each mentioned application. They simply are more suited for them. When applied across the spectrum of stringed instruments, a whole new palette of colors can be discovered. Available in quantities of 6, 12, 18, & 24.

Harmonically enhances mid-range frequencies which is where clarity and punch live on guitars. 

Additional benefits:

  • Produces a compressed sound when picking individual notes

  • Allows distortion and overdrive effects to cut through the mix with more clarity

  • Mitigates some of the muddiness of excess string resonance in the lower frequency ranges

  • Semi-flex structure allows players to maintain their ability to sweep and tremolo pick

  • Apex design at the top of the pick features a broader shoulder and point for strumming


Brings out 12-string harmonics on your 6-string acoustic guitar. 

Additional benefits:

  • Harmonically enhances mid-range frequencies which is where clarity and punch live on guitars

  • Smooths out the individual string volumes on open chords with each note still clear

  • Allows the individual string frequencies to cut through reverb and delay effects

  • Adds a subtle percussive effect to your tone

  • Provides more mid and mid high definition to bass guitars without losing any low end


Provides the same heat as Attak, but with even more impact.    

Additional Benefits:

  • Produces a really bright, really percussive, heavy,and fuller sound

  • Great for blues on electric guitar giving each note purpose and space to breath

  • Hard picking each note produces a tight, slightly compressed sound

  • Gives bass guitars strings a “slap and pop” sound while making each note sound bright and defined

  • Thickens lower harmonics which gives it a heavier sound and a “Front of House” feel


“Takes you to creative places you might not normally have traveled.” - Brian Goss