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Weight: 1g 

Material: Nylon/ Carbon Fiber Mix/ AttakPik Proprietary Strengthening Blend

Pick Color: Gray and Luminescent 

Gauge: 2mm (1mm at indentation - see diagram below) 

$1 from each order containing Stealth XL goes to VT3, supporting active and retired military personnel and their families (

Customer Reviews

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Jason S.
Back in the saddle again!... with the Stealth XL 2.0 🎸

After a carpal tunnel release, and then later having my wrists re-surfaced, I developed a lack of dexterity with my fingers and wrists when I played. Long story short- now I can noodle around with the Stealth XL 2.0 pick and get my speed an technique back. I playing the guitar is now enjoyable again. You must try these picks, especially if you have problems with your wrists, fingers, or stamina. jj

Primo P.
Great pick! Try it, get it, and keep it!

I'd been using the Jazz 3 picks for a long time. And I got curious about the Stealth pick since I saw the ads. Took me awhile but decided to finally order a 10 pack of these just to try it out. I find the grip much better to my liking, and I seem to glide a little bit more over the strings when I do alternate picking. I'll definitely be ordering more and will be keeping a large stock of these picks to use. The Stealth will be my go-to pick from now on. Best thing about the Stealth though, playing in a couple of 80's Rock tribute bands, they're definitely a better pick to use for pick scratches/scrapping compared to the Jazz 3's. ;) YouTube video placeholder
Alex C.
Nearly Perfect

The shape and size took a small adjustment on my part coming from a Dava Jazz pick for a few years, but five minutes of playing and this felt as natural as the guitar I've been playing for twelve years. It has just enough flex in the body while maintaining a firm tip for crisp attack...just as the name implies! It also is just the right length from grip to tip for me, my old picks were just a hair short and I always had to consciously correct my grip in certain phrases to avoid a harmonic where I didn't want it, this pick just suits my natural positioning and motion better and I'll certainly be getting more in the future!

Bradley D.

Legit a good pic. Feels very different to any other pic i’ve ever tried. love the grip, love the way it feels in the thumb, 100% would recommend


STEALTH XL 2.0 RGD, now made with the Attak Pik Proprietary Strengthening Blend, has the same precision, clarity, and feel as the original while offering a considerably longer tip life and much more rigidity. 

Same sound quality as Stealth with more leverage.

*The new material also produces a glow-in-the-dark effect!*

Additional benefits:

  • Curved and beveled tip allows the player to glide easily across strings

  • Delivers more clarity to each note by cleaning up and tightening the lows and low mids

  • Nylon reinforced with carbon fiber to maximize durability

  • Ergonomic design cradles the thumb for consistent dynamic control and effortless harmonics

  • Apex design at the top of the pick features a broader shoulder and point for strumming


Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar

Weight: 1g 

Material: Nylon/ Carbon Fiber Mix/ AttakPik Proprietary Strengthening Blend

Pick Color: Gray and Luminescent 

Gauge: 2mm (1mm at indentation) 

“The Stealth glides over the strings like an Olympic skater on ice.” - Gary Batchelder