Attak the Status Quo

Be the first to get your hands on the limited first run of exclusive printed picks with artwork from artist @Barflurgle. Available on both Stealth and Radium, these packs are a limited run and will change outover time with new art, so collect them while they're here! 

OR customize your own printed picks here!

**These packs are preorder and will be delivered in 2-4 weeks**

Pick graphics Copyright © 2023 Barflurgle


+ Free Tracked Shipping GLOBALLY for orders of $35+ (USD)

+ Tracked Orders LESS than $35 (USD), domestic = $2.75, Int'l = $5 (USD)


Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar

Weight: 25g 

Material: Nylon/Carbon Fiber Mix/Attak Pik Proprietary Strengthening Blend 

Pick Color: Black

“The Stealth glides over the strings like an Olympic skater on ice.” - Gary Batchelder



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