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Customer Reviews

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Ian P.
Loving these attakpics!!

As a new player I am getting used to different types and thicknesses of picks while practicing and has provided the perfect tools for learning and improving 🙏🏻

Bergeron B.
Feels nice

I love how these feel each type gives you a whole new sound. I really like playing with these picks .

They’re more than a pik

Absolutely blown away and working my way through which ones suit me on bass . So far the surge for a natural driven or overdrive sound whiteout having to use a pedal. Viper for clean punchy melodic goth and juggernaut for when play high string bass lines , thickens up nicely and also lends itself well to nice deep reggae breaks .faaaaaantastic. Wish I’d discovered these before recording last album, would have been so much easier to get my sounds. A pik is not just a Pik with acoustik attak Piks
Thank you and will be ordering more of the above once I’ve established lifetimes.

Carl B.

I honestly loved all of the picks except for the Ambush. And that's only because it doesn't suit my playing style. Will continue to be a customer without a doubt!

That's right, we didn't forget about the bass players in the room. Our bass repertoire embraces the thump, the growl, and the sought-after 'pop', so you can stay in the pocket! Available in 5, 10, 15, and 25 packs.

Provides the same heat as Attak, but with even more impact.

Additional Benefits:

  • Produces a really bright, really percussive, heavy,and fuller sound.

  • Great for blues on electric guitar giving each note purpose and space to breath.

  • Hard picking each note produces a tight, slightly compressed sound.

  • Gives bass guitars strings a “slap and pop” sound while making each note sound bright and defined.

  • Thickens lower harmonics which gives it a heavier sound and a “Front of House” feel.


Step-down designed tip gives a big pick a medium gauge tone on guitar. Huge thumping power on bass.           

Additional benefits:

  • Warmer, more subtle tone when played normally, but adds bite when you dig in.

  • Produces a thicker darker tone on bass and acoustic.

  • More gentle attack results in a more pure tone.

  • Ergonomic concave grip design coupled with 3mm thickness allows for more fluidity and leverage.

  • Gives a somewhat transparent compressor effect.


STEALTH XL 2.0 RGD, now made with the Attak Pik Proprietary Strengthening Blend, has the same precision, clarity, and feel as the original while offering a considerably longer tip life and much more rigidity. 

Same sound quality as Stealth with more leverage.

*The new material also produces a glow-in-the-dark effect!*

Additional benefits:

  • Curved and beveled tip allows the player to glide easily across strings.

  • Delivers more clarity to each note by cleaning up and tightening the lows and low mids.

  • Nylon reinforced with carbon fiber to maximize durability.

  • Ergonomic design cradles the thumb for consistent dynamic control and effortless harmonics.

  • Apex design at the top of the pick features a broader shoulder and point for strumming.


Clear, PRECISE and POWERFUL, the Viper is a great pick for all styles and players.

Additional benefits:

  • Elongated, pinpoint tip structure supplies optimal leverage for precision playing, while offering flexibility and darkness when digging in.

  • Back-end provides two additional tips which provide a brighter tone, and a more rigid, smaller pick feel.

  • For the Bassist, it provides great dynamic range, going from less aggressive to super aggressive.


Takes overdriven pieces to another level and produces an edgy growling tone on bass.

Additional benefits:

  • Introduces a greater level of presence to the attack of each note.

  • Produces a smooth upper frequency boost without becoming brittle or harsh.

  • Delivers more clarity to each note by tightening the lows and low mids.

  • Tilting the pick slightly adds more successive hits to the string producing a chime effect.

  • Apex design at the top of the pick features a broader shoulder and point for strumming.


“Takes you to creative places you might not normally have traveled.” - Brian Goss