Why Textured Guitar Picks Improve Your Playing Experience

Why Textured Guitar Picks Improve Your Playing Experience - AttakPik
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If you've been playing guitar for a while, chances are, you own your fair share of picks. Though underestimated, this piece of equipment is essential to a guitarist's arsenal. And the right pick is the key to enhancing your sound and setting your playing apart from the rest. 

But what is the right guitar pick, you ask? That’s easy: A textured guitar pick. In this post, we cover all the reasons why choosing a textured guitar pick is the way to go. We’ll answer: 

What are Textured Guitar Picks?

It’s important to know that not all picks are created equal. While many different guitar picks exist on the market, there are two general categories: smooth and textured.

Smooth picks are your standard fare. They feature little-to-no variation in texture and produce a clear, consistent tone without any variation in volume or pitch.

Textured picks have bumps, ridges, or other structures across the body and attack areas of the pick. These textures produce a refined playing experience with added dimensionality in terms of volume, pitch, and tonality.

How do Textured Guitar Picks Improve Playing Experience?

While your personal preferences will ultimately influence your choice of pick, there are two specific elements you'll want to consider as you deliberate: ease of use and sound enhancement.

Ease of Use

As discussed above, different guitar picks are made of various materials, each of which has its unique texture. But at the most basic level, you’ll want to find a pick that feels good between your fingers.

Smooth picks often have a polished shine that makes them look great but feel slippery. Players prone to sweating may find their pick slipping from their fingers. Textured picks, on the other hand, have a coarse surface. This creates more friction between the pick and your fingertips, making them easier to grip. The perfect pick for you will be the one that feels best between your fingers and delivers the desired amount of control for your playing needs.

Sound Enhancement

Texture defines important elements like grip, control, and friction between the strings. But it is equally important to consider how these different textures generate different sounds and impact your tone as you play.

Generally speaking, the smoother the pick, the softer the sound. Smooth picks slide seamlessly across the strings and create a distinct tone that so many musicians know and love: soft, comforting, warm, and well-rounded.

Sounds produced by textured picks will vary depending on the material they’re made from. However, they all share one common feature: Colorful, complex, and defined tones.

Among the most popular textured picks on the market are those produced by Acoustic Attak. Their picks feature patented bumps, ridges, diamonds, and other raised structures on their attack zone tips. These ridges create a pattern of multiple strikes with just the single pluck of a string, echoing in a series of complex sound waves.

The result?

Desirable harmonics, brighter tones, percussive effects, and different frequencies that you can’t get with flat picks.

Which Textured Guitar Picks are Best for Different Playing Styles?

Acoustic Attack is forging a new path for sound enhancement and effect production — one that guitarists will want to walk down. Knowing which of Acoustic Attack’s textured picks is best for your playing style is the perfect place to start.

The Best Textured Guitar Picks for Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitarists play a lot of chords and rhythm, so strumming is a common technique. As such, these guitarists prefer picks with a bit of flexibility and give when they strike the strings. 

Flexible plectrums move easily across the strings and generate a smooth, percussive sound with every strike. They also produce clean notes that are rich and bright in tone, enabling players to create a buttery and distinctive sound when strumming chords.

attak textured guitar pickIf you’re an acoustic guitarist looking for the perfect pick for strumming, the Attak Pick from Acoustik Attak is the way to go. With a percussive, “double-striking” effect, this textured pick brings out tones reminiscent of a coveted 12-string sound. 

Additionally, the Attack Pick harmonically enhances mid-range frequencies while smoothing out the individual string volumes on open chords. This pick is sharply angled, designed to help the unplugged player capture more depth while delivering clarity and definition on each chord every time.

The Best Textured Guitar Picks for Electric Guitar

If you play electric guitar, then you know that these instruments respond dynamically to picking techniques. That said, you’ll want a pick that packs a punch while maintaining enough control for accurate note delivery.

blade textured guitar pickTextured picks are the best way to achieve these goals. Stiffer and sturdier than their smooth counterparts, textured picks for electric guitar are ideal for fast strumming or picking individual notes with precision. Additionally, they give you more control over your playing style and help you create your signature sound without sacrificing any power behind every stroke.

Whether you play blues, rock, jazz, or metal, Acoustic Attack has a pick that matches your taste, fits your needs, and feels great. For instance, the Blade Pick creates a compressed sound when plucking individual notes. With its semi-flex construction and horizontal line formations, this pick cuts through the muddiness of excess string resonance, making it ideal for bluesy rock or funk players who want their riffs to cut through dense arrangements with ease.

stealth textured guitar pickThe Stealth Pick is every solo shredder’s dream. The pointed tip delivers unmatched precision in alternate picking, speed picking, and sweep picking. While this pick produces a clearer tone, the exquisite ergonomic design is what sets the Stealth apart. The 12-node center of the pick is concave with raised bumps, which keep your thumb in place and prevents you from dropping it. Its steep bevel and sharp tip mean effortless gliding while a proprietary strengthening solution means the tip will last far longer than its competitors.

The Best Textured Guitar Picks for Bass Guitar

Bass strings are typically thicker than standard guitar strings. Therefore, bass players will need a thicker pick that gives them control while plucking strings while adding roundness to their tone.

juggernaut textured guitar pickAcoustic Attack’s bass pick repertoire embraces the thump, growl, and sought-after “pop” sound of the slap bass technique. With a sturdier textured guitar pick, like the Juggernaut, you get consistency, clarity, and precise accuracy on the attack of each note. This multipurpose pick lets you play gently for warmer sounds or dig in deep to tease out thick tones with ease.

On the other hand, the Ambush Pick is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a brighter, more percussive sound. Raised structures on the pick allow for some snag (but less on higher gauge bass strings), giving a “snap and pop” effect — great for creating those funky Motown licks. 

Choosing the Best Textured Guitar Pick for Your Playing Style

Different guitar picks will make a difference in your tone, playing experience, and overall performance. That said, the right pick for you will be comfortable to use and, with practice, will feel like a natural extension of your hand. 

We recommend trying a textured guitar pick to improve your experience and make guitar playing more enjoyable. Textured guitar picks are suitable for anyone who wants to play more confidently, with more comfort, and with greater control over their tone.

There is a diverse range of textured guitar picks available on the market, so guitarists with various playing preferences and stylistic techniques can find one that suits their sound.


Need a pick that suits your playing needs? Check out Acoustik Attack's selection today!

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