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  • Bad Ad Release

    Last week, a contractor tasked with publishing ads for us released an ad that had content that we, as a group, found highly offensive.  They did this without submitting it to us for review.  When we discovered it, fortunately not that long after it was released, we immediately removed that language.  Further, at that point we decided to terminate that relationship.
  • What Guitar Pick Should I Use?

    From fuller sounds and more precise tones to faster playing and improved attack accuracy, a guitar pick offers a range of benefits you'll want to take advantage of. That said, you’ll need to choose the right pick for your playing style.
  • How To Choose A Guitar Pick For Acoustic & Electric Guitars in 2023

    A pick is an essential tool in a guitarist’s equipment collection.  Though some guitarists prefer strumming and plucking with their fingers alone, ...
  • What You Need to Know About Guitar Pick Thickness, Size, and Shape

    If you’ve ever picked up a guitar pick and wondered what its thickness, size, and shape mean, you’re not alone. These seemingly simple objects have...
  • Buying Guide: How To Choose The Right Guitar Pick

    At this point in your musical journey, you can probably conjure up a memory or two from your early days of playing with a pick.  For some of you, ...
  • How to Select and Use a Guitar Pick for Beginners

    You can ask nearly any experienced guitarist and they will probably have a story about getting their first guitar, or playing one for the very fir...

       August 15, 2022 -- All musicians love encores. And for their latest encore, Florida-based Ac...

    Hey, hey, hey…we were down at Welcome to Rockville last week to showcase our products in partnership with @RONZWORLD, @AMS, @TMEXP, and @HARDROCK