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  • Stealth: Bringing Precision & Clarity to Guitar Playing

    We dive into the unique features of this exceptional electric guitar pick designed with precision and clarity in mind. Step up your shredding game with Stealth!
  • 5 Essential Guitar Picking Techniques to Use with Your Attak Piks

    Read the blog to learn about all the different types of guitar picking techniques made possible by the innovative guitar picks at Acoustik Attak!
  • Why Textured Guitar Picks Improve Your Playing Experience

    Textured guitar picks have bumps, ridges, and other structural components that help produce a refined playing experience. Learn more!
  • VT3 Upcoming Events

    Acoustic Attak is proud to support Veteran's Time To Thrive who do great work in developing housing projects to support Military Veteran families.I...
  • Devin Townsend x Acoustik Attak Press Release

    ACOUSTIK ATTAK ANNOUNCES NEW DEVIN TOWNSEND SIGNATURE GUITAR PICK SERIES Bonita Springs, FL -- March 24, 2023  During the summer of 2020, the gui...
  • When Should I Retire My Electric Guitar Picks?

    Not sure how to tell if it’s time to buy new electric guitar picks? Learn what signs to watch for that signal it’s time to retire your picks on the blog!
  • What Guitar Pick Should I Use?

    Choosing the right guitar pick is the key to unlocking your playing potential. Find out which guitar pick you should use on the blog!
  • How To Choose A Guitar Pick For Acoustic & Electric Guitars in 2023

    In this blog, we take a look at some of the best guitar picks for acoustic and electric guitars in 2023. Read to find out what to look for in your pick!
  • Everything You Need to Know About Guitar Pick Thickness, Size & Shape

    The thickness, size, and shape of your guitar pick all play a critical role in the quality of your sound. Find out more on the blog!
  • Buying Guide: How To Choose The Right Guitar Pick

    Acoustik Attak breaks down everything players should consider when choosing the right guitar pick for their instruments. Learn more!
  • How to Select & Use the Best Guitar Pick for Beginners

    Whether it’s a stinging sensation from pressing down on the strings or scratched and scuffed fingernails after hours of pickless strumming, every e...

       August 15, 2022 -- All musicians love encores. And for their latest encore, Florida-based Ac...