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Weight: 0.5g 

Material: Nylon

Pick Color: Red

Gauge: 1.5mm - 2.2mm (see diagram below)

Customer Reviews

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Love the new SURGE II! The increased nubs make sure it stays firmly in my fingers, definitely no going anywhere.

James G.-.T.
The Perfect Pick

I've always loved the feel and tone that using the textured side of a nylon pick offered. But, I need the precision of a jazz style pick. The Surge is definitely the best of both worlds.

Neil C.
My little Green friend

So this pick sounds clear and not too bright at the same time. You have to angle the pick just right because of the bumps, but that being said it’s great when you get it. The bumps add great attack while being able to play relaxed which is great.


Slightly thicker and smaller than the original Surge, Surge II takes overdriven pieces to another level and produces an edgy growling tone on bass.           

Additional benefits:

  • Introduces a greater level of presence to the attack of each note

  • Produces a smooth upper frequency boost without becoming brittle or harsh

  • Delivers more clarity to each note by tightening the lows and low mids

  • Tilting the pick slightly adds more successive hits to the string producing a chime effect

  • Apex design at the top of the pick features a broader shoulder and point for strumming


Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar

Weight: 0.5g 

Material: Nylon

Pick Color: Green

Gauge: 1.5mm - 2.2mm