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Weight: 0.5g 

Material: Nylon

Pick Color: Red
Gauge: 0.6mm - 2.3mm (see diagram below)

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I love AttakPik.
The attack is amazing.

Andy J.
Interesting concept.

I recently recieved some of these ambush picks. They certainly give a 12 string "vibe" to the sound of a six string acoustic. I found that you had to grip them harder than l normally would or they tended to ping out of my fingers, and were only really useful for strumming chords and not so useful for playing individual notes. That may not be the case after more use.
They are an interesting concept which brings another sound to my acoustics.

Pranit U.
Good for a beginner bass pick user

Saw this company pop up on my insta. Thought it was a scam but really was not. Great price, great deal and great quality. It’s a good pick that helps your mids cut through. Been playing bass for 5 years but just started using a pick 3 months ago. This is really good! Not taking any points off because this is a personal preference but I wish I was a little stiffer. Keep up the good work!


Brings out 12-string harmonics on your 6-string acoustic guitar.                                                   Additional benefits:

  • Produces a really bright, really percussive, heavy,and fuller sound

  • Great for blues on electric guitar giving each note purpose and space to breath

  • Hard picking each note produces a tight, slightly compressed sound

  • Gives bass guitar strings a “slap and pop” sound while making each note sound bright and defined

  • Thickens lower harmonics which gives it a heavier sound and a “Front of House” feel


Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar

Weight: 0.5g 

Material: Nylon

Pick Color: Red
Gauge: 0.6mm - 2.3mm

“I love mine on the bass. Having a couple in my bag is like having another bass with a totally different set up.” - Justin James