Attak the Status Quo


  • Thomas Polychuck

      Guitarist of Dopethrone, Vatican, and prog rock project Polychuck, is a straight edge vegan out of Montreal, Canada.
  • Keith Dover

    Keith Dover is a singer/songwriter and solo performer currently playing venues in and around Nashville. With 26 years experience playing in band...
  • Justus Hajas

    Justus Hajas is here to start a fire, Guitar in hand, Passion in mind. The 19-year-old artist from Brantford ON is a Virtuosic Self-Expressionist...
  • Renzo Dasso

    Renzo Dasso is a Chilean-Italian recording artist and guitar tone junkie, with 30+ years of experience playing guitar for pop, hard-rock and meta...
  • Lachlan Pope

      A 21 year old shredder and lover of offset guitars out of Vancouver, Canada.
  • Chris Kalafus

      Chris Kalafus is a guitarist, bassist and teacher out of Stratford, Connecticut whose playing has become more focused on acoustic instrumentals...
  • Andrew Caico

      Drew C is a musician and producer from NY. Starting as a self-taught guitarist, he has Bachelor’s degrees Music and Audio Production. He has a ...
  • Pennyhill's Regret

      A solo artist based out of London, UK is addicted to horror movies and cooking shows.
  • Jacob Rozmajzl

      A 25 year old guitarist based out of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania and mathrock addict
  • Brian Goss

      Guitarist Brian Goss is a New York City native who’s split time between the Big Apple and upstate New York since the onset of COVID-19, and oft...
  • Adam Russell

        Guitarist of Hexalter & Forced Feed, is an avid concert goer and videographer
  • Hector Rivera Santoyo

      Hector Rivera Santoyo is a guitarist, arranger and producer with over 20 years of experience in the music business. From session musician to re...