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Weight: 0.5g 

Material: Nylon

Pick Color: Red

Gauge: 0.6mm - 2.3mm (see diagram below)

Customer Reviews

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Campian H.
Picks that turn strumming into magic

I am not a big strummer, neither do I play too much acoustic, but I ordered these out of curiosity. As they arrived, I took the acoustic and started strumming and wow, the effect is magic. The sound is so full and enhanced, harmonic, there is almost no way to describe this in words.... The downside is that I find them too grippy for anything else than strumming, but for sure, whenever I will hit those cowboy chords, these will be my picks of choice from now on.


Works well with my acoustic guitar strumming.

David W.
Plectrums with......well, EDGE!

Great scratchy texture to playing with plectrum. Because you're hitting the same string multiple times a six string almost has a 12 string sound. Good contrast to plain plectrums. Have to hold tight though - you might get a surprise when the ridges catch on the string a suddenly fly across the room or off the front of the stage :-)


Brings out 12-string harmonics on your 6-string acoustic guitar.

Additional benefits:

  • Harmonically enhances mid-range frequencies which is where clarity and punch live on guitars

  • Smooths out the individual string volumes on open chords with each note still clear

  • Allows the individual string frequencies to cut through reverb and delay effects

  • Adds a subtle percussive effect to your tone

  • Provides more mid and mid high definition to bass guitars without losing any low end


Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar

Weight: 0.5g 

Material: Nylon

Pick Color: Red

Gauge: 0.6mm - 2.3mm

“These are amazing. Makes my hollow body sound like a dreadnaught.” 

- Andreas Q.