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Weight: 0.5g 

Material: Nylon/Carbon Fiber Mix/ Attak Pik Proprietary Strengthening Blend 

Pick Color: Clear, Red or Grayish/Blue - All glow (Radium more so) 

Gauge: 2.4mm (less with indentation - see dimensions below) 


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The Stealth III takes the fan-favorite Stealth pick and builds on it!

  • Curved-bevel tip structure allows the player to glide easily across strings with consistent dynamic control

  • Redesigned concave grip with raised nodes maximizes contact with thumb to reduce slippage

  • Produces a darker tone desirable for heavier music

  • Slightly smaller than the original Stealth, Stealth III increases pick precision for sweeping and tremolo picking

  • Shaved top point increases comfort in hand

  • The glowing agent present in all color variants gives more rigidity and makes it easier to find on a dark stage!

“Takes you to creative places you might not normally have traveled.” - Brian Goss

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Brock H.
Great new find!

I've been a big fan of finding different types of plectrums like the TUSQ picks or various types of finger picks or strumming devices. I bought these, along with all the other different styles on Black Friday, they're my new favorite picks! First off, they feel comfortable, ergonomic. If you alternate between these and standard picks, you can hear a noticeable difference in timbre. They're probably the most fitting and grippy picks I've used so far. Looking forward to purchasing these again and new designs in the future.

You've done it!

When I got the email that there is a new model, I was a bit skeptical as it didn't look like that much of improvement. I like the original one but found them a bit unwieldy as I am used to smaller picks. This one feels much better, much more accurate and more solid grip-wise - and come in more colours too!

Matt B.
Stealth 3

These picks rock!!!
Having tried the Stealth 2 and loving them, I thought I'd give the Stealth 3 a go.
What can I say, the new grip pattern is excellent, with great pick control while still offering great tone and attack I've become accustomed to.
These will be my new go to!