Chris Kalafus - AttakPik

Chris Kalafus

  Chris Kalafus is a guitarist, bassist and teacher out of Stratford, Connecticut whose playing has become more focused on acoustic instrumentals over the past few years.  He currently plays gigs...

Des Farr - AttakPik

Des Farr

Des is a guitarist, songwriter, and producer hailing from Cullman, Alabama. He currently performs with the hard rock band, Malice Jackson. Des also owns and operates a small studio called Red Kelly...

Ricky Armellino - AttakPik

Ricky Armellino

Ricky Armellino is a music producer, songwriter, guitarist, and singer from Lancaster, Pennsylvania with a collective 56 national tours under his belt. Currently performing in Ice Nine Kills as a...

Julian Oyanedel Santiesteban - AttakPik

Julian Oyanedel Santiesteban

Julo is an LA-based musician, filmmaker, actor, and absolute guitar maniac! As the lead singer of the Alt-Metal act RendeR, he has toured South America, Canada, and the US, and has also appeared...

Poly Chuck

Thomas Polychuck

Guitarist of Dopethrone, Vatican, and prog rock project Polychuck, is a straight edge vegan out of Montreal, Canada

Keith Dover - AttakPik

Keith Dover

Keith Dover is a singer/songwriter and solo performer currently playing venues in and around Nashville. With 26 years experience playing in bands, and 15 years as a solo act, Keith puts on a dyn...

Justus Hajas - AttakPik

Justus Hajas

With his guitar in hand and passion in mind, Justus Hajas is a  artist who aims to ignite a fire. From a young age he has been a virtuosic self-expressionist with an innovative vision for music. ...

Renzo Dasso - AttakPik

Renzo Dasso

Renzo Dasso is a Chilean-Italian recording artist and guitar tone junkie, with 30+ years of experience playing guitar for pop, hard-rock and metal projects. He is also the creator and director of...

Andrew Caico - AttakPik

Andrew Caico

  Drew C is a musician and producer from NY. Starting as a self-taught guitarist, he has Bachelor’s degrees Music and Audio Production. He has a vast range of styles including metal, latin jazz, ...

Pennyhill's Regret - AttakPik

Pennyhill's Regret

  A solo artist based out of London, UK is addicted to horror movies and cooking shows.

Jacob Rozmajzl - AttakPik

Jacob Rozmajzl

  A 25 year old guitarist based out of Willow Grove, Pennsylvania and mathrock addict

Brian Goss - AttakPik

Brian Goss

  Guitarist Brian Goss is a New York City native who’s split time between the Big Apple and upstate New York since the onset of COVID-19, and often gets hired as a studio artist and/or touring mu...

Hector Rivera Santoyo - AttakPik

Hector Rivera Santoyo

  Hector Rivera Santoyo is a guitarist, arranger and producer with over 20 years of experience in the music business. From session musician to renowned guitar teacher, current columnist for "Guit...

Jorge Salas - AttakPik

Jorge Salas

  Jorge Salas is an American-born living on the Texas / Mexico border. Growing up, Jorge was exposed to the Mexican folk songs sung by his grandmothers. As Jorge went to school, he discovered roc...