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Attak Piks have raised formations on their front and/or rear surfaces, including ridges, bumps, or other mathematically-derived protruding elements. These raised formations, located on the tip of the pick, cause a pattern of multiple strikes of a string in a single pluck, generating multiple different pulse waves that propagate along the string with different frequencies and amplitudes and at different times. This produces greater complexity in the superposition of waves compared to a simple standing wave produced by traditional flat-tipped picks which, in turn, leads to sound enhancements such as desirous harmonics, frequency enhancements, and percussive effects.

  • Enhances mid-range harmonics while exciting the upper-mid harmonics
  • Brightens harmonics in the 1KHz to 5KHz range giving solid clarity and presence.
  • Various applications across Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars.
  • Excites the upper mids to a greater degree than Attak and Blade.
  • Thickens the lower harmonics which gives it a thicker sound and big feel.
  • A great match for Bass and Acoustic Guitar players.
  • Harmonically enhances frequencies between 1KHz to 5KHz, which is where clarity
    and punch sit for guitars.
  • Mitigates some of the muddiness of excess string resonance in the 150Hz to 300Hz range,
    which tends to make guitars sound a bit cloudy or lumpy.
  • Great for faster picking styles, like tremolo, with all the tone of Attak.
Battle Pak Picks

BATTLE PAK – 3-Pack $9.99


ATTAK PAK 4-Pack $12.99

Arsenal Picks

ARSENAL 6 -Pack $18.99


ATTAK – 6-Pack $18.99

Blade Pick

BLADE – 6-Pack $18.99


AMBUSH – 6-Pack $18.99


ATTAK – 3-Pack $9.99

Blade Pick

BLADE – 3-Pack $9.99


AMBUSH – 3-Pack $9.99

A comparison of Attak, Blade, and Ambush Picks

Visit our Samples page to hear these picks in action.

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They’re quite striking pieces I have to say. I completely agree with the scientific premise of what the ridges do – it’s quite strange that it makes such a huge difference! The liveliness is really quite surprising, even compared to some of the thicker picks that I’ve got. The grip is excellent, extremely sure-footed. That feeling against the strings is a bit new, but there’s nothing really nothing out there that’s anything like this. The strumming aspects on acoustic especially was really eye-opening, all the depth remains but with this extra life and sparkle to it.

I’ll spend a bit more time with them and give you more feedback. I’m extremely impressed with what these picks are capable of.

John D., Devon, UK
Could they! I just got my attak piks and I am a very happy man. I just started to learn electric funaral 2 days ago, It’s a very simple song but ya know when Iommi hits the 3 GBE strings at the 12th fret three times? When I did it I couldn’t for the life of me get that sound right. That was the first song I tried and I nailed that SOB, sounded just like Iommi. I am busting. Fixin to order ambush next. Thanks to all who run this wonderful company.

I’m always on the lookout for new plectrum designs so when I learned about Attakpik I was eager to try one. Attakpik a lot of grit to power chords and adds a “chunk” to lower string comping. It’s now included in my pick arsenal.

Kim C., San Francisco, CA

I got mine today. Super loud, surprisingly nimble. Makes a 12-string really pop.

Tom C, Sacramento, CA

Just picked up 4. They def sound dif. I like it. Makes the sound fuller kind of. It’s hard to describe. Worth a try for any player though.

Tea R., Somewhere out there...

Just got mine. They do sound pretty cool, and make a measurable difference

Alex C., Somewhere out there...

I was skeptical, these work! Huge difference! Especially high gain chunky playing

Reid O., Somewhere out there...

These are amazing.  Make my hollow body sound like a dreadnaught.

Andreas Q., Las Vegas, NV

I spent some time on their website listening to various examples. It was enough for me to score them some bucks and try it out and had the same results. I don’t know if I would record everything with them but I’m happy to have them in the tool box and happy to pass along to artists I’m in the studio with. So far, I love them on just about 70% of everything I try it on. What I love more is the contrast you can get between them and regular pics so it makes for more impactful transitions in a song, which means less processing in post production.

Chris A., Somewhere out there...
So I have been playing with these for the last few days, and I’m stunned. They sound amazing with the high gain and drop C tuning I run. I love how they bite the strings, especially the ambush. There was a little bit of a learning curve at first but I’m becoming better and faster with them quickly. Thanks again. I will definitely be buying more soon!
Marcus P., Los Gatos, CA

I placed an order for attak and ambush picks.  First let me say I was very pleased with the customer service.  Usps lost my initial package and attak customer service was very responsive and ultimately ended up sending another shipment. The picks themselves are very cool – I was impressed with how bright it made the guitar sound when compared to a regular pick.  I’ll definitely be experimenting with these more.

Eric B., Ashburn, VA

Once you get a feel for the pick’s increased grip on the strings you’ll naturally start to relax a bit.  You’ll start letting the pick do more of the work and it snowballs from there.  I’ve been getting more dynamics out of my playing with less physical effort.  Now that I’ve played Attak Pik for a few months I can’t see not having some on-hand.  I’m pretty excited to see what else this new technology can do.

Keith D., Nashville, TN

My verdict on these picks is they really do sound great. Chords become bright and bold and jump out. Definitely worth the money. Amazing innovation where I’d never expect to find it.

Jayne J., Phoenix, AZ

Got mine in a few days ago and I’m also impressed. What I heard in the recordings on the website is exactly what I experienced in person. A little weird at first playing but you get used it quick and it does make a difference. Makes everything played on a regular pic sound dull and boring in comparison

Chris A., Miami

I just got mine yesterday and I was blown away on how the sound actually varies.

Tutu S., San Diego, CA

Seriously LOVE your pics! My duo’s sound has improved.

Instagram User, Location Unknown...
Wanted to connect here. Thanks again for a great product. Hope to help you get the word out. I also play in an 80’s band called The 1985. https://the1985band.com
Dan V., Somewhere out there...

Got 2 of each styles ..these are great bits of kit ..be very useful in the studio for multi-tracking guitars ..definitely gives a 6 string acoustic a rich 12 ey kind of vibe ..recommended !!

Mike B., Location unknown...