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See our awesome new high-quality, UV-printing capabilities below! 

Pick up a 5-pack of limited edition art picks or customize and create your own printed picks - available in 25 or 50 units.

Note: All custom printed picks have a two week lead time.


Note: All custom printed picks have a two week lead time.


Note: All custom printed picks have a two week lead time.


Note: All custom printed picks have a two week lead time.

Note: All custom printed picks have a two week lead time.



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our specialty GUITAR picks


The Stealth series – our take on the ‘small’ pick coveted by precision players – is an acceptable alternative to your Jazz III and Ernie Ball Prodigies, with a number of distinct advantages.

A deep, 12 node concave center means you won’t drop it. A steep bevel and sharp tip mean effortless gliding. And a proprietary strengthening solution means the tip will last far longer than it ever should.

This one’s all about the feel.


Introducing the RADIUM. Your favorite guitar pick, but brighter! Our glow in the dark guitar picks have the Attak Pik Proprietary Strengthening Blend - the same precision, clarity, and feel as the original Stealth while offering a considerably longer "tip-life" and a lot more rigidity. PLUS, IT GLOWS!!


THE NEW STEALTH XL 2.0 with the Attak Pik Proprietary Strengthening Blend has the same precision, clarity, and feel as the original while offering a considerably longer "tip-life." XL has the same sound quality as Stealth with more leverage. Plus, it glows in the dark!



Square formations along the edges of Ambush’s aggressive taper produce a full-bodied, bright, percussive sound. 

For bassists, expect the snap, crackle, and pop once reserved for players of the slapping technique.

For guitarists, expect greater resonance at the point impact, as the square formations extract a wall of sound from your instrument.


Attak is identical to Ambush, its predecessor, except in the shape and quantity of its formations. These are pyramidal, are more sharply angled, and there are more of them. 

Players sacrifice some of Ambush’s percussive sound, but gain clarity and definition in mid-range frequencies.

Sounds best on acoustic guitar, where harmonic enhancements are reminiscent of a coveted 12 string sound.


Though patented with thumping, powerful bass in mind, the Juggernaut’s ‘step-down’ design makes this a multi-purpose pick.

Play gently, with a focus on the tip, for a warmer sound, but dig in and you’ll hear darker, thicker tones emerge.

However you decide to use it, Juggernaut’s concave grip will keep you fluid.

A guitar pick held over guitar strings


Literally. We took your typical flat guitar pick and introduced a third dimension.

And while skeptics may rise up in droves, and cry that “it’s all a gimmick,” those who get it, get it. 


At our core, we reject the one-size-fits-all approach.

We’re at our best when the music feels right, and when the sounds we create match what’s going on inside our heads and hearts. 

With unique contours, bevels, and raised formations specifically engineered to manipulate sound, each of our picks serves a purpose.

Check out the audio samples in the feed below to find your perfect match!

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Acousic Guitar Pick

Discover our curated pick selection for acoustic guitar, designed to help the unplugged player capture more tonal depth, warmth, and clarity.


Electric Guitar Pick

Whether you play the blues, rock, jazz, heavy metal or speed metal, we've got a pick that fits your context, matches your taste, and feels great.


Bass Guitar Pick

That's right, we didn't forget about the bass players in the room. Our bass repertoire embraces the thump, the growl, and the sought after 'pop' from slapping fingers.

Important Disclaimer

Innovation drives us – it’s what keeps our work as musicians and entrepreneurs rewarding – but we understand that innovation is not for everyone, and some allegiances are not to be broken. 

That’s OK – we’re fine with that. 

A new dimension to your guitar picks will necessitate an adjustment period, which certain players will naturally resist. But for players who want not only to chase tone, but find it, our guitar picks, by producing sounds unique and exclusive to each of them, unlock tonal possibilities achievable through no other means.

Frequently asked questions

How long will the guitar picks last?

The founders have been playing regularly with the same Attak and Ambush picks for the last 10 months and Blade pick for the last 5 months to test this and have not experienced any degradation in performance. A small amount of wear as you break in the pick is to be expected.

Will the guitar picks damage my strings?

Normal playing with our picks should not lead to string breakage. Any pick that is stiff enough can break your strings if you play hard enough or in a way that will pull the strings excessively, Attak Piks included. With Attak Piks it is important to note that the raised structures on the tips of the picks are designed to give their effect without creating excessive drag that could lead to string breakage. Even more aggressive playing should not cause string breakage. Still, playing in non-standard ways that excessively pull on the strings can be a problem.

What size are the guitar picks?

The picks range in sizes from the 23mmx29mm Stealth to the 28mmx35mm Juggernaut.
Thicknesses range in the Stealth models from 2mm to 3mm in Juggernaut, with a 1mm or pointed tip.
The raised picks, such as Attak, Ambush and Blade have a 2.0mm Tip Structure, 1.0mm Grip, 0.60mm Base.

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