Attak Pik guitar picks have raised structures on their tips. With a single pluck of a string, these structures produce a pattern of multiple strikes  which produces a series of waves at different times. This results in a greater complexity in wave action when compared to that produced from traditional picks. In turn, Attak Piks lead to various sound enhancements such as desirable harmonics, tone brightness, and percussive effects.


  • Brings out 12-string harmonics on your 6-string acoustic guitar

  • Open chords become more compressed together with each note still clear

  • Adds a somewhat percussive effect to your tone

  • Cuts through reverb on electric guitars while evening out chord extensions

  • Brightens bass guitars without losing the low end


  • Provides the same brightening effect of Attak, but with more impact creating a more percussive sound

  • Great for blues on electric guitar giving each note purpose and evens out the volume of each note

  • Picking each note sounds extremely compressed on the attack

  • Gives bass a slap and pop sound while making each note sound bright and metallic

  • Thickens lower harmonics which gives it a heavier sound and big feel


  • Harmonically enhances midrange frequencies, which is where clarity and punch sit for guitars

  • Semi-flex structure allows the player to maintain their ability to sweep and tremolo pick

  • Pairs well with distorted and overdriven effects cutting through the mix to provide more clarity

  • Produces a compressed sound when picking individual notes, and can produce a “wah effect” when overdriven

  • Mitigates some of the muddiness of excess string resonance at lower range frequencies

“Takes you to creative places you might not normally have traveled.” - Brian Goss

Acoustik Attak is pleased to support Sweet Relief Musicians Fund; their COVID-19 Fund provides emergency financial assistance for musicians and music industry professionals financially impacted by the pandemic.

Buy a Blade guitar pick product and we send $1 to Sweet Relief. Donations can be made on either the cart or checkout pages.  Thank you for your support.


“The more time you spend with this pick in your hand, the more applications and possibilities will appear.” - Jacob Rozmajzl


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