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Get the full spectrum of what Attak Pik has to offer with this variety pack containing: Stealth III XL, Stealth XL, Stealth, Stealth "Flex", Stealth III, Surge, Mini-Viper, and Attak!


  • The curved and beveled tip structure allows players to glide easily across strings with consistent dynamic control.
  • Delivers more clarity to each note by cleaning up and tightening the lows and low mids.
  • Produces a more open and rounder bottom end on both bass and electric guitars.
  • Apex point allows for precise playing at high BPMs, great for sweep and tremolo picking.
  • The concave center with embedded nine-node matrix grip surface allows for maximum hold.


  • The thinner gauge gives 3x flexibility over the 2mm version.


  • Same thickness as Stealth but 3mm longer and wider.


  • The Stealth III takes the fan-favorite Stealth pick and builds on it.
  • Curved-bevel tip structure allows the player to glide easily across strings with consistent dynamic control
  • Redesigned concave grip with raised nodes maximizes contact with thumb to reduce slippage
  • Produces a darker tone desirable for heavier music
  • Slightly smaller than the original Stealth, Stealth III increases pick precision for sweeping and tremolo picking
  • Shaved top point increases comfort in hand
  • The glowing agent present in all color variants gives more rigidity and makes it easier to find on a dark stage!


  • Slightly thinner and considerably bigger than Stealth III, there is more flex and more to hang onto with the same dynamic control.


  • Introduces a greater level of immediacy to the attack of each note.
  • Produces a cool top end on attacks and sustains without anything feeling too piercing.
  • Delivers more clarity to each note by cleaning up and tightening the lows and low mids.
  • Takes overdriven pieces to another level and generates an edgy, growling tone on bass.
  • Works well with all styles, but particularly energizes heavier genres.


  • Creates a sound with the feel of a 12-string on your 6-string.
  • Open chords become more compressed together with each note still clear.
  • Adds a light percussive effect to your tone.
  • Cuts through reverb on electric guitars while evening out chord extensions.
  • Brightens bass guitars without losing the low end.


  • Elongated Pinpoint tip structure allows for optimal leverage for precision playing, while offering flexibility and darkness when digging in.
  • Back-end provides two additional tips which provide a brighter tone, and a more rigid, small pick feel.
  • For the Bassist, it provides great dynamic range, going from less aggressive to super aggressive.

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