Devin Townsend's EarthTone


Created in partnership with world-renowned musician, Devin Townsend, the EarthTone pick features a special serrated edge that allows you to go from clean playing to a heavier and grittier sound when changing tips. This earthy, dense sound is something Devin has been wanting out of a pick for years, now you can try it too!

EarthTone is available in packs of 5 or 25.

Material: Devin's Blend (Nylon Mix)

Dimensions: W-34mm, H-32mm, 1mm gauge (+0.2mm raised grip)

Customer Reviews

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Earthtone Review

The Earthtone pick is great. I love that the serrations are only on one side allowing The other sides to be used as a normal pick. Devin Townsend is one of my favorite artists and with his genius and Attak's ingenuity I knew these wouldn't disappoint. Tremelo picking is a little difficult but I do use lighter gauge strings on a down-tuned guitar, so its not entirely impossible, Pick scrapes in the style of Gojira sound like they have more definition because the serrations catch the strings and pull them back like the string on a bow. I am looking forward to more collaborations between Attak and Heavy Devy. Be well and rock on.


Love these and the warm tone they give.

Best picks ever!

I bought a life supply because I don't know if they will be shipped during WWIII. too old to be drafted in the first wave, I can still play guitar and bass for the brave young men and women at the front. All side of the triangle deliver a nice chug, but the ribbed (for her pleasure) side is really nice for strumming!